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Pain Management with Ayurveda

Pain Management Care Programs

Chronic pain is usually observed in joints such as hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, ankles, muscles, spine etc, often accompanied by arthritic conditions, inflammations, degenerative diseases, repeated trauma etc. Many a time chronic pain encourages for analgesic dependence and misuse. The resulting negative emotions, irritability, and feelings of anger often have a negative impact on the patient’s interpersonal relationships.


At Sanjeevanam, we realise pain as a highly subjective mind and body experience. We incorporate different diagnostic methodologies in identifying the root cause of pain and plan unique customised treatment strategies to eliminate the causes. We provide treatment modalities that are aimed at the pathology causing pain and also several measures that reduce the intensity of pain. The infusion of Yoga and pranayama.


Ayurvedic procedures such as Abhyangam, Kaya Sekam, Pinda Swedham, Shirodhara etc. along with yoga asanas and pranayama are some of the means to rebalance, strengthen, and purify the mind/body variables that lower our pain sensitivity.


Sanjeevanam has been envisioned and developed by AVA group , an illustrious Ayurvedic group, world famous for the Ayurvedic soap” Medimix”. The AVA Group is a diversified conglomerate with interests in Personal care , Health Care, Natural Food, Natural cosmetics and Entertainment. Read more