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At Sanjeevanam, we have carefully curated a range of custom made healing interventions
that suit your individual needs. These healing interventions can be broadly classified into wellness, care and curative programs.


It is always important to keep your health when you are healthy. Illness is a condition developed due to carelessness about your body for a prolonged time. A holistic approach in preventive and wellness treatment, Sanjeevanam wellness package comes with an option for a better living and an alternate way of enrichment. It gives you a break and a feel of rejuvenation.Our package also provides you with prevention mindset related to genetic or hereditary issues.

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A lot of us experience existing health problems in this modern world with no specific results. We end up being unable to manage our health conditions effectively. If we take care of ourselves, we will be better prepared and avoid any further complications. Let us help you manage your existing conditions effectively to avoid further complications through these signature care packages.

Focusing on a healthy lifestyle, with an immersive Ayurvedic experience these packages will aim at healthcare interventions by improving your quality of life.

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Ayurveda has the power to cure almost any type of disease. It is the science of life. It aims at protecting the human body from sickness by healing and prolonging life. Our Curative Packages eliminate all the waste and toxins from your body with integrative healing and help you get relief from any illnesses you face.

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Sanjeevanam has been envisioned and developed by AVA group , an illustrious Ayurvedic group, world famous for the Ayurvedic soap, Medimix.The AVA Group is a
diversified conglomerate with interests in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Health Care, Real Estate and Entertainment Read more