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Hair Damage Causes in Current Life and its Aftereffects

The hair styling field is ablaze with new treatments and procedures for taming curls and unruly hair and giving you straight hair. There are multiple number of equipments and techniques used in parlours for hair styling. In the current world, these type of styling has many times become a necessity while grooming oneself for a party or an event. But many times, inspite of giving benefits these have resulted in many issues in hair health today. 

Modern styling techniques currently practised 

The following is a list of commonly practised hair styling techniques. 

Hair straightening

By hair straightening the hair is straightened in appearance. It is usually done in people having curly hair wishing straighten and get rid of dryness and frizziness. There are two type of hair straightening which is permanent and temporary.

Hair curling

This is another styling method which uses the same principle as straightening. It is done to beautify hair so as to get a pleasing appearance. It can be done permanent or temporary. 

Hair Smoothening

A quick session of hair smoothing treatment will help enhance the texture of a shaggy-looking mane, straighten wavy hair for a few months, and smooth out frizzy hair. This technique is more common today in salon service, as it promises to cause less harm to hair than hair straightening.  

Hair botox treatment

It is a newly emerging treatment to healthify dull and dry hair. The treatment infuses and hydrates hair by replacing or filling the lost cuticle layers, creating a protective layer coating the hair shaft, by temporarily filling in or replacing the cuticle layers. This does not straighten the hair, but it is thought to strengthen the hair strands. 

Hair rebonding

Your hair’s texture can be altered through the process of hair rebonding. It can make a hair that is permanently straight and even more sleek than naturally straight hair. The new pattern of your hair structure is made by altering the alignment of bonds between hair using harmful chemicals like Formaldehyde. However, if you frequently get the procedure done, there is a risk of exposure to strong chemicals used in hair rebonding and hair damage. 

Hair relaxing treatment

Intense heat and chemicals are used in hair relaxing treatments to make you poker-straight hair. A permanent hair relaxing treatment will keep your hair relaxed for more than three months while it grows out. In contrary, relaxing a person’s hair will harm it just like it normally would. But relaxers can do a lot of damage if your hair is sensitive, has tight curls, or has previously undergone chemical processing. 

Hair colouring  

Hair damage can result from hair colouring. When feasible, damage can be reduced by using hair-friendly procedures including reducing the use of heat and moisturising the hair. By dying your hair, a shade nearer to its natural colour, you can reduce the amount of time you spend using hair dye and the harm it does

Below are few side effects of using these kinds of styling techniques. Most of the procedures use heat and other harmful chemicals for the procedure. This may give short term results like beautiful and colourful external appearance, but, serious side effects can compromise with results. Side effects after using hair care products and hair styling techniques can be major to minor. 

Minor problems being, dullness of hair whereas severe fall and damage may happen after constant usage of hair styling products. 

Following are a few side effects happened in the usual practise after hair styling. 

Dryness of hair: In order to straighten your hair and maintain the style, a straightening iron removes all the moisture from it. And there is no other way for the moisture in your hair to leave but via evaporating and becoming steam. Because moisture is returned to it after washing, this is why your hair returns to its natural form. Hair colour may be dull after straightening because of the loss of oil and moisture. The texture of the hair becomes dry brittle and making it frizzy in future 

Frizz formation: Dryness caused by frequently straightening your hair ultimately leads to more frizz, not less. 

Hair breakage and split ends: Your hair’s individual strands become more prone to splitting from the middle. 

Destruction of hair follicles and damage to roots: Regularly applying heat destroys both the hair follicles and your hair. Permanent hair straightening chemicals also cause extensive damage to your roots. 

Delay in growth of hair and altered hair texture permanently: There can be problems in hair growth causing delay in hair growth. Also the new strands of hair that grow will be curly and old ones straightened result in unpleasant look. Many times, these artificial techniques can alter the hair texture permanently.

Itching and allergic reactions: The natural oils that keep your scalp moisturised are also produced insufficiently as a result of the demise of your hair follicles. This in turn causes your scalp to become dry, flaky, and itchy, and it may even spread to your forehead and neck. 

The emollients used after straightening contains harmful chemical like formaldehyde which cause dame and destruction to hair 

You can unknowingly have a chemical allergy that makes you vulnerable to permanent hair straightening procedures. The allergic reactions to these chemicals might happen right away after the treatment or a few days later and can cause rashes, redness, swelling, and irritation in your eyes in addition to causing discomfort to your scalp and skin. 

While permanent changes in shape are made by severing the chemical side bonds in the hair, temporary style (changing hair shape) is accomplished by altering the physical side bonds of hair by exposing it to heat or water. The cuticle layer is harmed by both operations, and any excessive usage of these techniques will result in more severe harmed. 

Serious hormonal and reproductive problems

In shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products, many chemicals are used which are sulphates, Parabens, dimeticone, Polyethylene glycol, Phthalates, Triclosan, Formaldehyde etc. also instead of benefitting the hair in long term cause not only damage to hair, but serious hormonal problems may occur. 

Dandruff: Dandruff is a scalp condition in which pieces of dry skin flake off the scalp. Dandruff makes your scalp itch with flaky powdery fall outs especially over your garments. This fall outs can cause acne when it falls over the forehead area

Scalp folliculitis: Seborrheic dermatitis (SD) is a inflammatory skin disease presenting with a papulo-squamous morphology in areas rich in sebaceous glands, particularly the scalp, face, and body folds. It can create a lot of difficulties in the form of burning ,scaling ,oozing and immense itching over the scalp  

Tips to maintain our health naturally:

In short, hair care products when given immediate results are used regardless of their side effects. The serious detrimental effects happen not only to the hair but many times these cause serious hormonal changes like early menarche, infertility, and other endocrine disorders. When it comes to the constantly changing beauty business, our regulating agencies are not very strict. As a result, harmful amounts of the poisonous substances in hair care products are building up in your body and on our earth. So, try to follow the following tips for caring your hair health and preventing diseases.

  • First of all, while selecting shampoos and conditioners please make through look at all the ingredients and avoid shampoos containing Sulphates and parabens. 
  • To counteract roughness, seek for humectants like coconut oil, olive oil, jujube oil for hair care and nourishments.
  • Try to avoid all synthetic and artificial hair styling methods like hair colour, bleach etc. which may cause serious side effects and damage to hair in the future. Even when done, try to reduce their frequency. While attempting a styling method take a detailed consultation with an expert doctor and select the method which gives less damage and that which suits your hair type. 
  • Look for conditioners that contain nourishing oils like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and palm oil. You can choose a conditioner ingredient that will restore damaged hair by choosing hydrolyzed keratin. 
  • Butters like shea butter and mango butter create a barrier around the hair cuticle. Argan oil, vitamin B5, vitamin E, and other fantastic conditioning substances cause hair fall flat in addition to nourishing it. 
  • Make sure to purchase products from companies who identify all of their components on the website or labelling. Even components made from plants can occasionally trigger allergies in some people. When purchasing shampoos and conditioners, be on the lookout for potential allergens and try to stick on to sulphate free, paraben free products

Ayurveda emphasises on practicing shiro abhyangam ,snanam and other Moordhni thaila treatment protocols like abhyangam ,shirolepam ,shiro pichu ,shirovasthi and shirodhara treatments for supporting many hairfall issues.Scalp dryness ,dandruff scalp eczema nad scalp psoriasis are some of the most common disorders affecting the hair leading to hair fall, dryness, brittleness and other health issues

Anti -fungal medications mentioned in Ayurveda can prevent the new formation of scales and effectively washes away the extra dry flakes .Appopriate usage of condition specific hair oils mentioned in Ayurveda like Durdurapathradi keram, Thriphala keram ,Malathyadi keram etc can prevent such above-mentioned diseases to manifest in our body. Proper cleansing is also important while using oils otherwise it may lead to flairing up of the symptoms. Implementing Ayurveda dinacharya (Daily regimen), Rithu Charya (Seasonal Regimen) helps to prevent diseases and maintain health

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