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Post Covid 19 Care @ Sanjeevanam

The COVID-19 virus is sweeping the globe, wreaking havoc on people’s physical, mental, emotional, and socioeconomic well-being. This is the first time the world has ever faced a crisis like this. Even if it is impossible to predict the post-COVID-19 landscape, it is possible to prepare for it. At Sanjeevanam, like all our other care programs, we have taken an integrated approach to the ‘Post COVID Care Program’ as well. Ayurveda medications, treatments, Yoga and Pranayama practises, wellness workouts / functional fitness, with a healthy and nutritious diet plan have all been integrated. Since Post COVID symptoms differ from person to person and since it affects multiple systems, the treatment protocol will be tailored to each individual’s body needs and symptoms.

We are happy to share with you, a glimpse of our COVID 19 safety measures adopted here at our centre to keep you safe.

  1. We strictly adhere to all COVID 19 protocols and guidelines recommended by the concerned authorities from time to time.
  2. All our staffs are 100% COVID 19 vaccinated.
  3. We have limited the IP guest check-ins and each guest is assigned a designated treatment room to avoid any sort of cross contamination/ infection.
  4. After each treatment the rooms are disinfected and fumigated to ensure guest and staff safety.
  5. Sanjeevanam housekeeping activities are strictly under the direct supervision of our Hospital Infection Control team (HIC).
  6. Immunity boosting medicines are prepared in-house and mandatorily given to all our staffs. Medicated steam inhalation practice is also in place.

We are assured that the above measures, along with our comprehensive care, will ensure your safety and a successful treatment outcome at Sanjeevanam.

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