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Healing at Sanjeevanam is a multi-dimensional approach, with our trained professional drawing from a range of alternative healing practices with Ayurveda at the core of the experience.


Treatments drawn from across 5 Ayurveda specialties with an in-house medicine preparation centre to ensure that our guests receive the freshest medications as per the dosage suited for their body structure.

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Multiple yoga zones for training on Hatha yoga and Kriya yoga where the focus is on creating a custom curriculum of asanas and techniques that is helpful for your specific health condition.

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Naturopathy & Diet

Naturopathy promotes and encourages eating food in its purest form. At SAyH we have the best of Diet programs designed using principles of Naturopathy with underlying elements of Ayurveda to suit every medical condition and ailments. Our specially trained Dietitians will look into each and every meal that provides the right nutrition towards holistic health management.

diet for good health

Hair & Skin Clinic

Hair and Skin Clinic caters to all hair and skin issues through natural ayurveda treatments. At Sanjeevanam they are delivered with personalized care and attention by our beauty care experts.

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Functional Fitness

A fitness center that has a range of state-of-the-art equipments, designed to improve your flexibility, core strength, range of movements etc.

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Sanjeevanam Ayurvedic Hospital has a fully fledged physiotherapy department equipped with the latest equipments from Technogym.

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