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About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient sciences of healing that has been practiced over the last eight thousand years. Ayurveda, as opposed to western medicine takes a non-reductionist approach by healing the body as a whole.

The Sanjeevanam Way

Located in Kochi, Kerala, Sanjeevanam ayurveda hospital is a one of its kind premium holistic hospital where we have successfully integrated modern diagnostics, yoga, functional fitness & physiotherapy into our core practice of ayurveda to create a truly unique healing experience. With all the comfort and opulence of a luxury hotel, our healing experience rooted in traditional ayurvedic medicine will help you restore your body, mind and soul.

Message from the Managing Director

Dear Friends,
Namaste & Greetings from Sanjeevanam!

As many of you might know, Sanjeevanam has been at the forefront of holistic wellness through its centers across India. Leveraging the vast experience and knowledge we have acquired over these years, we now bring to you Sanjeevanam ayurveda hospital at Kochi, Kerala.

The name Sanjeevanam is derived from the mythological plant “Sanjeevani” which is considered to be the “elixir of life”. With a vision of advancing the tenets of ayurveda, we at Sanjeevanam provide care and rejuvenation therapies to enable patients to live a healthy and better life. Our healing process is carefully designed to cater to individual needs of patients.

At Sanjeevanam, we are confident of providing a complete holistic sanctuary where patients will gain from the goodness of pure ayurveda combined with the latest technology.

I personally welcome you to Sanjeevanam.


Managing Director, AVA Group

Dr A V Anoop - Managing Director - AVA Group

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