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“At Sanjeevanam (SAyH), we have successfully integrated yoga, physiotherapy & functional fitness into our core ayurveda program to create a unique healing experience.” – Dr. A.V. Anoop, Managing Director, SAyH

“Ayurveda defines health as not only the absence of disease, but also the enthusiasm to work and enthusiasm for compassion. SAyH has four WELLNESS programs focused around de-toxification, boosting of internal immunity & rejuvenation.” – Dr. Anil Kaimal, Chief Ayurveda Physician, SAyH

Stress & Sleep Management Program

It is a common misconception that stress affects only people who lead a hectic lifestyle. Stress is a condition that can creep into anybody’s mental state irrespective of how hectic their lifestyle is. Stress if left unmanaged for a long period of time can cause health conditions like depression, fatigue, sleep disorders, anxiety, irritability, etc., thus affecting our ability to perform at the highest level.

At SAyH, our Stress & Sleep management program involves procedures like Samvahana (synchronized soothing massages), Kaayaseka (irrigation of medicated oils/water or milk over the body), Sirodhara (irrigation of medicated oils or milk over the forehead) etc., to soothe the spastic muscles and tensed nerves. Simultaneously customized Hatha and Kriya yoga sessions help calm down the mind & bring back the natural pace and equilibrium of the body, mind & soul.

Read more about home remedies and ayurveda treatments for sleeplessness.

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Revitalizing Eugenics Program

Healthy parenthood is undeniably one of the most universally desired goals in adulthood. However, emerging trends of dietary irregularities, sedentary lifestyles, stress, drug/ alcohol abuse, exposure to excess pollution levels in cities etc. have resulted in increasing pregnancy challenges and loss. Conditions like PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and endometriosis are assuming epidemic proportions. It is said that one in five Indian women suffer from PCOS today.

At SAyH, our Revitalizing Eugenics program is all about giving prime importance to pre – conception care which prepares the to-be-parents physically and mentally to ensure the best quality of gametes, while procreating a healthy progeny. Through our program, we aim to achieve balanced doshas, healthy dhatus, proper malas, optimally functioning indriyas, a happy contented soul and a balanced mind, thus creating the right environment for a smooth pregnancy, labour and healthy progeny.

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Detox & Immunity Boosting Program

This is a complete De-toxification program containing five cleansing procedures (Panchakarma) to purify the whole body by eliminating accumulated toxins. The five treatments include Vamana (medicine induced emesis), Virechana (medicine induced purgation), Anuvasanavasthi (medicated oil enema), Niroohavasti (medicated decoction enema) & Nasya (medicated nasal drop administration).

When healthy people undergo the Panchakarma procedures, it has a preventive, restorative, and rejuvenative effect by enhancing the body’s immunity through antioxidant & prophylactic properties

After each cleansing therapy, guests follow the mandatory Samsarjana kriya (graded administration of food) to recoup the digestive ability of the individual and attain a healthy body condition.

Read more about the preparation of Karkidaka Kanji, a traditional monsoon immunity boosting food regimen in Kerala which you can make at home.

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Rejuvenation & Anti-ageing Program

The toxins/ free radicals produced by the continuous metabolic activities, result in wear and tear of the body cells; which is nothing but the process of ageing. This process is accelerated by improper life-style, food habits and prolonged stress and strain.

Rejuvenation must be done only after detoxifying the body. Keeping this principle in mind, SAyH Rejuvenation & Anti-ageing Program is a special combination of need based selective Panchakarma procedures to detoxify and cleanse the various channels in the body; thus making the body more receptive to assimilate Rasayana medicines administered thereafter.

Rasayana procedures tone up the muscles, strengthen the system, invigorate the body and calm the mind. The medicated herbal oils and other materials used in this process imparts a glowing lustre to the skin.

Notes related to Room Types & Tariff

  • Each room is equipped with TV, both national and international channels and complimentary Wi-Fi & Internet Access
  • One by-stander accommodation is complimentary along with the guest. The by-stander shall be of age above 14 years
  • Self-service laundry stations are available for guests to do their own personal laundry at a minimal cost. However, we have a fully equipped, modern, centralized laundry centre where we can do all laundry services for the guest at an additional charge
  • Telephone calls made by the guest during the stay shall be charged separately
  • Concierge services availed by the guest during the stay shall be charged separately
  • Complimentary access to our following facilities is included in all programs:
    • State of the art 25 seater movie theatre, which plays Indian & International movies through the day
    • E-library with a wide choice of books
    • Game room with a wide range of activities & games
    • Functional Fitness Gym
    • Business centre and video conferencing facilities to stay in touch with work and family for up to 4 hours during the duration of the program

Notes related to Treatment Approach & Tariff

  • In case additional medical tests/ checkups need to be conducted, our in- house labs are equipped to do a complete health check-up of the guest, which shall be charged extra
  • Any medications purchased from the pharmacy shall be charged separately
  • All Internal medicines prescribed during your stay with us are complementary as part of the program

Notes related to Food Plan & Tariff

  • Guests can choose from a wide range of Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian dishes, subject to consulting doctor’s discretion
  • Outside food is STRICTLY prohibited during the course of the stay
  • Our facility is a non-smoking facility.
  • Alcohol is STRICTLY prohibited within the facility
  • Up to 4 bottles of mineral water is complimentary per day
  • Welcome drink upon arrival and after treatment green tea are complimentary

Being a valued guest, you and your family have the following Rights:

  • Right to respect for personal dignity and privacy during examination, procedures and treatment
  • Right to be protected against physical abuse and neglect
  • Right to treat patient information as confidential
  • Right to refusal of a specific treatment procedure or the entire treatment protocol before or during the treatment, and consultation with other doctors for second opinion
  • Right to information including expected cost of treatment, stay, and allied charges
  • Right to access your clinical records by you or family member as nominated by you.
  • Right to know about the safe and effective use of medication prescribed, potential side effects of the medication if any
  • Right to know about your diet and nutrition most appropriate, considering your current health status
  • Right to know the identity of individuals providing service to you
  • Right to respect your own social, cultural and spiritual beliefs
  • Right to personal safety and security
  • Right to know the hospital Rules and Regulations
  • Right to raise the complaints through the register available in the reception

Being a valued guest, you and your family have the following Responsibilities:

1. Respect the hospital rules and regulations
  • Comply with the No smoking, No Alcohol and No illicit drugs Policies
  • Pan chewing and spitting is not allowed in hospital premises
  • Comply with the visitor policies to ensure the rights and comfort of all patients
  • Be considerate of noise levels, privacy and safety
  • Switch off mobile phones inside consulting rooms and treatment rooms.
  • No outside food allowed. Do not consume food in open areas and corridors
  • Weapons and inflammable objects are prohibited inside the hospital premises
  • Treat hospital staffs, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect
2. Provide complete & accurate information with regards to
  • your full name, address, home telephone number, date of birth and employer when it is required
  • your health, including present condition, past illness, hospital stays, medicines, vitamins, herbal products and any other matters that pertain to your health
3. Actively participate in the treatment program by
  • Providing pro-active feedback to doctors and keeping them and other caregivers informed of the effectiveness of the treatment
  • To be on time in case of appointments. To inform about cancellation or rescheduling of appointment as far in advance as possible
  • To follow the prescribed treatment plan and carefully comply with the instructions given
  • Not to take any medications without the knowledge of the doctors
  • To accept the measures taken by the hospital to ensure personal privacy and confidentiality of Medical Records

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