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“Sarvendriyaanam nayanam pradhaanam”

Eye is considered as the first and foremost vital sense organ in the human body.

Good vision helps you perform well—at home, at work, or behind the wheel. Too much screen time is a common pitfall in this digital age resulting in many eye problems. Among these the common conditions are computer vision syndrome and dry eyes.

Ayurveda can effectively:

  • prevent eye diseases
  • cure eye diseases
  • maintain eye health

with time tested and precise treatment protocols and techniques. 

Refractive errors :

These occur when our eyes cannot clearly focus various image from the exterior world, resulting in blurry vision. It can be managed by using spectacles, contact lenses etc. The possible cause could be changes in the shape of cornea, length of eye ball etc. Most common refractive errors are

  • Myopia- defective distant vision
  • Hypermetropia – defective near vision
  • Presbyopia – associates with aging of the eye resulting in blurry close vision and difficulty to read small print.


At SAyH, we have designed the management of refractive errors with internal medications and external therapies to boost up the blood circulation to the eyes and to strengthen ocular muscles. Also incorporated eye exercises and yoga techniques to improve the eye sight and also to keep your eyes healthy.

Cataract :

Progressive opacity of lens can be called as cataract. In the initial stages of cataract there may not be vision loss but when the lens turns to be completely opaque then it will lead to vision loss. Normally as the age progresses people develop cataract. But there are some other types also like congenital cataract and cataract due to any prolonged usage of medications etc. Cataract is usually corrected by surgery.

At SAyH, we are providing utmost care to eye treatments by preserving all the treatment principles mentioned in Ayurveda. We are managing cataract with internal medications, external therapies and we also pave the way to healthy and graceful ageing without affecting your vision much with a tailor made diet program and eye exercise techniques as add-ons.

Diabetic Retinopathy :

Diabetic retinopathy is a serious sight threatening complication of diabetes mellitus. Poor control over blood sugar level for a long time can lead to retinopathy in future with initial symptoms like floaters, blurring of vision, dark patchy appearance in visual fields, difficulty in perceiving colors etc. In this condition every day the clarity of vision may vary depending up on the fluctuation in the blood sugar level. If left untreated it can lead to vision loss.

At SAyH, with our classical and tailor-made Ayurvedic external therapies and internal medications with specific diet and yoga practises, we can manage Diabetic retinopathy very effectively along with Diabetes Care Program.

Glaucoma :

It is a multifactorial chronic and progressive optic neuropathy due to death of retinal ganglion cells. There will be characteristic optic disc changes and visual field defects.

The fluid inside your eyes called aqueous humor, usually flows out of our eye through a mesh like channel called trabecular mesh work. If this channel gets blocked or the eye is producing increased quantity of fluid, the fluid builds up and creates increased intra ocular pressure. Mainly there are 2 types of glaucoma (i) Open angle glaucoma (ii) Angle closure glaucoma. Most of the people with open angle glaucoma don’t have symptoms, if symptoms do develop, they are usually late in the disease and in this late stage already there will be marked vision loss without the knowledge of the patient.

The risk factors of glaucoma are chain smoking, diabetes mellitus, family H/o glaucoma, migraine, myopia, ageing.

Early detection of glaucoma can save your vision and can have effective management of your vision through Ayurveda eye treatments and eye drops strictly to prevent further deterioration in vision and internal medicines.

In Ayurveda, Adhimandham is the commonly used term to denote glaucoma. It can be beautifully managed with our various kriya kalpas and through netra raksha vidhi which are explained in our science.

If you have any of these symptoms like seeing halos around lights, vision loss, redness in your eyes, eye pain etc, do consult our specialist at the earliest.

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